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Product Testimonials

I started taking BEE Natural a couple months ago and I love it. The product is amazing! It provides good nutrition throughout the day. I even lost some weight because I'm not so hungry anymore. And my hot flashes are gone!

- Angela, Seattle

My favorite product was SUNSET. I slept like a baby starting the first night I took it. Working two full-time jobs, I was getting the rest I needed every night even when I didn't get much sleep. 

- Jeffrey, Renton


I started taking Triangle of health products and my life has been completely transformed. I feel like I am 19 years old again. The biggest thing was better focus and increased energy throughout the day. 

I am a client of Natural Wellness Academy and i see many benefits from the treatments I receive. 

Also I took Kyani products for 4 weeks and my sugar levels have dropped to normal.  

I have been off insulin for 1 week now and I feel great!

- Earl, Kent

I experienced explosive muscle growth thanks to the NITRO supplements recommended by Natural Wellness! I had hit a plateau in my muscle gain and was able to go up 10 pounds on the bench withing my first week!! Awesome

- Bradley, Kent

- Galina, Auburn

I am a college student and I have been having trouble waking up every morning because I would feel so exhausted. They recommended SUNRISE product and I have been so full of energy ever since. I stopped drinking coffee on day 3 and can't wait to see what else these supplements do for me!

- Vladimir, Covington

I suffered from high cholesterol for many years and after taking the recommended KYANI products  for only 27 days my levels were completely normalized.

Goodbye cholesterol medication!

- Jessica, Tukwila

I had chronic swelling in my ankles for 20 years. The doctors said that the only way out was surgery. Because of the Triangle of health products I was recommended, my swelling went away completely in only 2 days. I am beyond thankful for the life changing experience I got here

I used the RELIEF DISK from Tanya's clinic and have had amazing results. I have had back surgery that has left me with permanent pain in my left leg all the way down to my big toe. I also used to take 2400mg a day of Gabapentin for the nerve pain in my leg. I put the body align relief disk on my foot and within 5 minutes, my pain was gone and has been ever since. I also was able to stop taking all the Gabapentin as I no longer need it. For me, this has been 100% effective in relieving the pain in my leg and foot.

I was on one medication on high blood pressure. Within a few months on ARGI ALIGN, my blood pressure has returned to normal. I no longer take the prescription medication. Not only that, but I have more energy throughout the day and I don't have a crash at the end of the day. I feel sustained and overall I feel great every since beginning Argi Align. 

Since I have been taking the Triangle of Health products, I am NO LONGER DEPENDANT on caffeine. I have been drinking tea, coffee, and energy drinks for over 30 years. This happened within the first week. This product is different. It is revitalizing. I have more energy than I have had in years. It is a steady energy, not jittery or up and down. My mind is clean and clear and my stress level has gone down significantly. There has also been a visible change in my outward appearance. The increase of metabolism has created more definition in my thigh area...without working out!

- Karen, Kent

- Arthur, Auburn

- Arthur, Auburn

I've had digestion problems for 25+ years. Acid reflux, Barrett's Esophagus, gastric ulcer and stomach cancer. I've been on the Super Reds, and Earth Greens. My Body is Clean for a month now. I am ecstatic to report, I have been taken off all digestive medications. My endoscopy and colonoscopy came back clean with no Barrett's, no ulcer, no cancer and no more diarrhea! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am! Everyone in the world should be using these products!

- Hope Darlene 

In February of 2015, I was barely able to stand because my stomach was in constant pain. In combination with my regular martial arts practice, she spoke to me about the importance of getting my body pH balanced through alkalizing. So, I took my pH using an Essanté strip and it was at a 5.8. I am so happy to report that within one month of taking Essanté products (pH Supreme Drops, Earth Greens Powder, Super Reds Powder, and 7.365 pH Ice Cream Rave "Vanilla" Shake), I felt rejuvenated! My digestion started working better."

Shay Vasudeva

- Austin, Seattle

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